Blue Candy started as an exercise in Character Development while Victoria Zoe was studying Graphic Design at an Arts College. It began as a fictional character, an alter-ego, nom de plume. It soon developed into an outlet for thought and creative expression, and has always been in flux.

VZ holds a First Class BA in English with Creative Writing and has been awarded the 2018 Carcanet Books/PN Review prize for her work. She has over five years of experience in proofreading and translations for which she specialises in the English, Italian and Maltese languages.

Her interest in the ways language and communication work have led her to further her studies with a Master of Research in English Literary Studies at Nottingham Trent University. Through this she aims to investigate the contemporary successor of postmodernism, looking into the ways current literary culture is adapting to the digital age while still often showcasing on paper. Her current research branches out into various strands, with particular focus on prosthesis, psychoanalysis and French Theory.

In addition to her studies VZ volunteers at an art gallery in Nottingham where she is learning more about Curation and the local arts scene.